The office

Welcome to the Founty Dental Center. Our team is supported by Dr. HARTI Meriem experienced dental surgeon welcomes you in a new space equipped with the latest technologies, located in the Haut Founty district precisely in the building Maison de l’avocat 2, B103 on the 1st floor.

The firm has 2 treatment rooms where all conventional dentistry procedures are performed, and an operating room dedicated to surgical interventions.

We offer high quality dental care with the latest technology. Whether it is for your dental implants, crowns or prostheses, our team assures you of quality material carefully selected.


A respected hygiene

The hygiene measures are essential to protect the health of patients and staff. Our Founty Dental Center follows the hygiene protocols recommended by the health authorities to ensure a clean and safe environment.

First, cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and instruments are essential to prevent the spread of germs and infections. Surgical instruments are sterilized before each use, and all surfaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly.

In addition, our dental personnel regularly wash their hands before and after each patient, and use disposable gloves to protect against cross-infection. Patients are also encouraged to wash their hands before their appointment.

In short, the compliance with hygiene standards is crucial to ensure the safety of patients and staff in our dental office. Strict cleaning, sterilization and disinfection protocols are in place to ensure the cleanliness of the environment, while respecting safety guidelines to limit the risk of infection.

A respected hygiene