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Dr. HARTI Meriem is a passionate dentist who is dedicated to improving the oral health of her patients. She takes the time to understand the needs and concerns of each person who comes to her office, and she makes every effort to provide quality care tailored to each case.

She listens to her patients and is always ready to answer their questions and reassure them. She is also very involved in the prevention of dental diseases, and educates her patients on good oral hygiene practices.

With her personalized approach and commitment to dental and gum health, Dr. HARTI Meriem is a true ally for her patients in their fight against dental problems.

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The office Dr. HARTI Meriem

Dr. HARTI Meriem

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The office

Welcome to the Founty Dental Center. Our team supported by Dr. HARTI Meriem, experienced dental surgeon welcomes you in a new space and equipped with the latest technologies, located in the district of Haut Founty precisely at the building Maison de l’avocat 2, B103 on the 1st floor.

The office has 2 treatment rooms where all conventional dentistry procedures are performed, and an operating room dedicated to surgical procedures.

We offer high quality dental care with the latest technology. Whether it is for your dental implants, crowns or prostheses, our team assures you of quality material carefully selected.